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South Dakota boy

playing the blues.

Bodhi Linde is a 14-year-old multi-instrument musician that can play any style of guitar as well as anything else with strings.  His musical roots are as varied as the styles he loves.  From the Delta blues to Texas style western swing with some Nashville country  and Jazz from the heyday thrown in, Bodhi listens and plays with heart and an old soul.  You might hear him playing banjo, mandolin, bass, cello, piano, clarinet, saxophone, slide guitar, classical guitar as well as his old Strat.  

Bodhi lives to play live.  Blues and jazz flow from his fingers like he was born to keep the blues alive.  Bodhi can also grab a classical guitar and play many of the standards.  Jazz and the complexities that it entails keeps his attention and pushes him to always be improving.  His motto for playing live is "any style...any time...any place."

Songwriting comes naturally to him as each day brings a new opportunity to capture his feelings and align them with music.  His complex lyrics challenge the listener to dig deeper into the metaphors hidden throughout his music.

"Bodhi is on his way to truly being a rock star."      

        -James Van Nuyes 

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